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Our Team

Britt Petersen

Britt Petersen is a registered massage therapist and valued graduate of Humber College. Originally, she studied animal care at Sheridan College and has worked with various establishments including vet clinics, breeders, and falconers. Always thirsty for more knowledge, her passion for healing and nurturing lead her to explore the human aspects of healthcare.

Lakeside Physiotherapy and Massage is the perfect setting for Britt as she enjoys working with a friendly and collaborative team of healthcare practitioners focused on helping people feel better. Here, Britt values having professional documentation of her patients’ progress with other team members, and the ability to discuss treatment plans that stretch over various scopes of practice.

Britt strongly believes in patient-centered care. To achieve an effective treatment, she focuses on thoroughly understanding her patient’s needs. She also encourages patients to provide feedback during treatments so that massage techniques may be altered to create a customized treatment unique to that patient.

Outside of the clinic Britt has a passion for traveling. She enjoys exploring different countries to experience new massage techniques from various cultures. Her current goal is to experience authentic Thai massages in Thailand in order to incorporate Thai techniques into her treatment sessions.

Michelle Gouveia

Michelle Gouveia is a Registered Massage Therapist and a Director/Owner of Lakeside Physio and Massage

Sharan Sandhanwalia

Sharan Sandhanwalia is a Registered Physiotherapist and a Director/Owner of Lakeside Physio and Massage

Lisa Gunby

Lisa Gunby is a Registered Massage Therapist and valued member of the Lakeside Physio and Massage team

Alisha Nachman

Alisha Nachman is a Professional Chiropractor and the newest addition to Lakeside Physio and Massage