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Lakeside Physiotherapy and Massage is a PREMIUM SERVICE BOUTIQUE treatment destination near Lakeshore Oakville. We deliver exclusive, low volume and private care catering to those who wish to experience a touch of luxury in service.
Our therapists have sought after training in their field and chosen for the outcomes they deliver. Each Lakeside team member has a track record of excellence in evidence-based treatments and adds valuable personal insights to injury management.
On your initial visit you will have complete privacy for a review of medical history and a physical examination.
You should expect:
1. A diagnosis of your condition
2. A discussion of your personalized treatment plan
3. Clear guidance for the most effective recovery
Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) Care (Complex Hip Consults)

Heather Buckle, Reg PT, has a long history of managing FAI since having a repair done herself and having worked directly with Dr. Ivan Wong, Orthopedist, to develop exceptional pre and post surgical outcomes. She has worked with many competitive athletes to get them back to hockey (goalies especially), running, cycling, swimming, mountain biking, volleyball and more. The hip can produce pain for a variety of reasons, and for years, most pain was attributed to the hip flexors, which though often a contributor, is frequently not the root cause of most pains. The hip’s seemingly simplistic  structure also affects the SI joint, the lumbar spine (low back) and the knees. When ones hips are hurting, we see a myriad of other issues if they are ignored. If your hips are giving you pain, a Physiotherapy Assessment with Heather Buckle will be your first step to finding a solution.  

Competitive Athlete Services

A complete care approach with various special treatments like acute injury management, myofascial release, cupping, sport taping, concussion management, advanced swelling management, comprehensive home exercise program prescriptions, and a wide range of custom bracing options. We collaborate and partner with leaders in their field to help our athletes reach their goals.

Concussion Management

Concussions often occur from a physical contact to the head, but can be present following a  whiplash or other fast changes in speed, movement or direction to the head or neck.  Symptoms from a concussion can vary from mild to severe, and because it is considered trauma to the brain, having it treated promptly and by trained individuals is of upmost importance. Whether it be from a sport injury, slip and fall or motor vehicle accident, all of them require attention, and our ImPact trained Concussion Physiotherapist will ensure you have the access to care when you need it. Very soon we will be offering Virtual Concussion Assessments for individuals needing service from remote areas or from their sports venue!

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vestibular rehab is an essential service for those with either new or old vestibular dysfunction, most common seen as dizziness, spinning, or feeling pushed over. In turn, many clients feel nausea and feel unable to drive, walk or function to their normal ability. Sometimes this is observed after a concussion or a trauma, but this can also be observed with no known onset. A vestibular Physiotherapist has the post graduate education needed to assess the symptoms properly to decide whether your treatment is indeed truly related to the vestibular system. If yes, treatment will be prescribed during your assessment and any necessary cross referrals will be discussed. Uncertain whether vestibular therapy will help you or not? As assessment with our therapist Jane So will give you the answers you need to start your recovery.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy 

Pelvic floor physiotherapy restores pelvic floor muscle strength. Pelvic muscles can be weakened following events such as childbirth, menopause, or surgery. Additionally, people often experience weakness from seemingly more benign things like heavy lifting, being overweight, or constipation. The pelvic floor muscles help with the bladder and bowel control where weakness can result in incontinence [involuntary loss of urine] or even organ prolapse [uterus, bladder or rectum].

Overactive pelvic floor muscles result in pain with intercourse and an increased urgency to use the bathroom. An assessment with our therapist Ansu Mathew will result in a greater understanding of your condition and start you on the path to recovery.

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