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Big Hair, Don’t Care, Show a Child You’ll Be There!

For years my hair has been a part of my identity.  It has been an extension of myself and I love it.  I have decided to cut and donate it to a child in need because I truly understand how important hair can be to someone. Growing up I was diagnosed with alopecia. I started losing my hair and at one point had a bald spot at the front of my head.  I used to comb over my hair in high school so no one would notice. It was a horrible experience and I remember asking my mother, “do I have cancer? Why am I losing my hair?”. Thankfully, my hair grew back and the bald spots are not as apparent anymore.  However, this is not the case for all of us. Some lose their hair because of alopecia, others because of horrible burns and even more as they fight a battle against cancer. I am cutting off a part of my identity so that I may help a child have an identity of their own.

I’ve got Big Hair! Help me show a child that we care.

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